New State of Affairs

Family and Friends, Over the last two years, our “wedding” took on a life of its own, becoming a living, breathing, slightly-despised member of our family. It’s become a new favorite joke – where are we going to have this year’s wedding – and it has provided countless opportunities to learn flexibility, humor, and how … More New State of Affairs

The Magic We Never Could Have Planned from

In many ways, it’s been a challenging season to be in love or to celebrate the anticipation of our marriage amid so much uncertainty, isolation, and raw pain experienced by our neighbors and world. After all, how does one lean into giddiness when others are wrestling joblessness and fear and literal life and death? And … More The Magic We Never Could Have Planned from

Feeling All the Feelings from

I’m used to my life being crazy (relatively-speaking), and the world being scary (relatively-speaking), but we’ve all really outdone ourselves this year. On my end, over the last eight months, I moved across the country, took a new job, got engaged, planned a wedding, tried (in vain) to figure out a handful of medical issues, … More Feeling All the Feelings from

We’re Delayed

Family and Friends, We are beyond grateful for your kindness, patience, and support during what is a scary and uncertain time for our entire world. While our wedding is but a blip in the grand scheme of things, it has filled our lives with expectation over the last eight months, and so it was hard … More We’re Delayed