We’re Delayed

Family and Friends,

We are beyond grateful for your kindness, patience, and support during what is a scary and uncertain time for our entire world. While our wedding is but a blip in the grand scheme of things, it has filled our lives with expectation over the last eight months, and so it was hard to let it go as we had pictured it.

It is clear to us, as I’m certain it is to you, that our May 2 wedding and reception cannot go on. We are so sorry for any travel changes or inconveniences this causes you, and we hope you know how much it’s meant that so many of you held out hope with us!

We are planning an alternate celebration of our marriage for August 8, 2020, and we will be sharing more information about those plans in the coming weeks.

Please stay home, wash your hands, and be compassionate to your fellow scared and stressed human beings. None of us have faced anything like this before, and everyone is doing their best. We are praying for your safety and health, and truly, we cannot say how thankful we are to each of you.

Finally, we put together a little video to mark this season and this moment in our lives (and to give Michelle a creative project that wasn’t writing to focus on). It helped sooth our hearts and keep us excited for the day when we finally get to say, “I do.” With love and gratitude,

Michelle and Alex

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